Review: Being Plumville

Being Plumville

Title: Being Plumville
Author: Savannah J. Frierson
Genre: IR Romance
Rating: 4

I have a TBR pile that stretches back to 2008 (I’m embarrassed to say), so needing to make room for the 3 boxes of books I got back from Nationals, I’ve decided to start reading a few.  My hands automatically pulled Savannah Frierson’s Being Plumville off the shelf first.  I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Frierson at the Romance Slam Jam in 2008 and then later interviewing her for

Being Plumville is the story of Coralee and Benjamin amidst the racial and political climate of the 1960’s.  Coralee and Benny were childhood friends, but that friendship was abruptly ended with Benjamin, a 7 year old being groomed to be a  state judge, announced to his mother he planned on marrying Coralee, the housekeeper’s daughter, when he grew up.  Benny and Coralee did not speak again for 15 years following this announcement, while the two were attending college.  What follows in a story about love and the boundaries it crosses, set against the back drop of the civil rights moments following the assassinations of Martin Luther King, Jr.  and John Kennedy.

I really enjoyed this story, much more than I thought I would.  Not only is it a great romance, but the way the author wove in the racial climate of the time really added to the depth of the story.  I read this books a couple of weeks agao and I am still thinking about it.   Well done Ms. Frierson.

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Review: Deadly Charm


Author: Claudia Mair Burney
Genre: Inspirational Suspense
Rating: 4 Stars



The 3rd installment in Ms. Burney’s Amanda Bell Brown Mystery series is out & I had the pleasure of reviewing it for  DEADLY CHARM is full of the same slightly dark, yet humorous spirit as the first 2 . I find this series to be an intriguing combination of the  inspirational, mystery/suspense, and romance genres. 

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April Author Interviews

I had the pleasure of interviewing two very lovely ladies, up & coming Christian author, Sherri Lewis and Genesis Press author, LaConnie Taylor-Jones, for this month’s Rising Star feature over at Romance In Color.   Both ladies share their journey to author-hood, how personal tragedy and challenges affected their writing, as well as, some great advice for authors.

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  3. The List (March 2009)

An autographed set of LaConnie Taylor-Jones’ published works, to include:

  1. When I’m With You (November 2007)
  2. When A  Man Loves A Woman (April 2008)

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