1st Edits…& So It Begins

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Good writing is hard workIn case you didn’t know, or were wondering–since I don’t think I’ve shared this bit of news here– I am expanding my previously published short/flash fic story, “Found Rhythm”, to novella length.  So, to ensure I do my story justice and not take away from its original message, but amp up the emotion and connection, I hired an editor to assist me with development, direction, and to provide line and copy edits.

Today I received my first ever set of professional editor notes.  And, let me just say, WOW! Of course, I was excited, and anxious, to get the email.

Then I opened it.

Then I read it.

Then I opened the revision letter.

And it is NINE pages long.  Nine! O_O *Que the music and the beverages*

So after I got over the fact that I had NINE pages of developmental critique, help, and suggestions, I read it.  And guess what? It’s all good.  Exactly what I was looking for and what I think I need to move this story in the direction I what it to go.

Now the hard work starts. It’s time for me to take my baby and help it mature into the story I know it can be.  A story with the heart, soul, and depth only an additional 20k words, my sweat & hard work, and the my editor’s expert patience will provide. Well, a few beverages of the caffeinated and adult varieties may also be needed. :-)

So, enough of my semi-griping. I’m really excited about this project and seeing how my little seed of a story will grow.  It’s going to be hard work, I know, but I’m looking forward to it.

Cheers!! Here’s to me achieving another milestone (my first set of professional editorial notes–WOOHOO), a successful editing process, putting a diamond shine on my story, and me & my editor keeping our sanity over the next few months. 😀

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Muse Music: Crush

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It’s been  while since I’ve been here. I know, I know…there’s no excuses.  But I have been busy with some writing projects I have in the pipeline and busy living and enjoying life :-). This is the year I celebrate by 40th, so it’s been my goal to ensure that I enjoy myself this year.

But like I said, not an excuse to take such a leave of absence.  So in an effort to return to the business of actually running my website, I’ve decided to ease back into things with a fresh new Muse Music entry.

I attended my first Dave Mathews Band concert a couple of weeks back, so of course this means DMB is heavily on my mind.  Now, I don’t claim to be the biggest DMB fan in the world, but they produce good music and I enjoy the few songs I know.  During the second set, they played Crush. OMG, this was my first time hearing it and, needless to say, it struck a cord and I fell in love. This song is PERFECT for my next WIP, a full length romance I worked on for a couple of month before I had to leave it for my current project. Seeing as I’m on a break from project #1 as I wait to hear back from my editor, this little gem has inspired me to tinker around with the full length wip a little bit.




muse music



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Sunset: Gwynne Forster

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I just learned of the passing of AA romance author Gwynne Forster.  I’ve had to the pleasure of meeting Gwynne once or twice over the years at various reader and author events, with my first being the RSJ in Chicago many moons ago.  When I first began reading AA romance, Brenda Jackson, Rochelle Alers, and Gwynne Forster were the very  first 3 authors whose novels I purchased that day.

For those not familiar with Gywnne’s work, I highly encourage to you visit her website, check out her list of titles & awards, and then head to your local bookstore, or Amazon, and purchase a book or two.

Thank you Gwynne for all the contributions you’ve made and given to women, authors, and readers of AA romance and fiction alike.  May you now rest in peace.

Muse Music: Uptown Funk

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Not a lot of words needed for this Muse Muse selection today.  Now, if this song doesn’t put you in your happy place and make you get up and dance, then I don’t know what will.


Happy Monday! Be great today.



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S4: Jumping In

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water, pool, calmThe hypnotic, sultry beat of Glass Animal’s “Holiest” flowed through the club and Vivian, lost in the sounds and feels of it, let it take control. She’d spent her life being unfulfilled, constantly underwhelmed by life and all the excitement it promised; yet she’d been completely overwhelmed with the duty, burden, and sacrifice of it.

A sudden warmth, which had nothing to do with the double shot of tequila she’d just downed, hit her at the base of her spine and coursed through her veins like liquid fire. She did a slow turn to the beat of the music and from beneath half lidded eyes, spotted a tall figure, partially shadowed, against the wall…watching her every movement.

Upon noticing he’d been caught, he stepped into the light, his whiskey colored eyes asked the question without him uttering a single sound or moving his full lips.

She slowed her hips to a winding stop and sauntered over to the exit, looking back over her shoulder she allowed a single word to pass her lips, “Yes.”


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Down the Rabbit Hole

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Vamp RabbitI was in New Orleans this weekend and of course my imagination was lit on fire by all that surrounded me. The visuals, the smells, the sounds, the food… I was on a creative high the entire time.  One night, perusing the French Quarter, we happened upon this little art gallery and this picture caught my attention.

One look and YES, I had to have it.

My friend gave me a questioning, but supportive, look and asked “Are you going to get that?” in “that” tone. You know the tone when someone is trying to talk you out of something you may regret.  Like, “Are you sure jumping off that bridge is the right thing to do right now?” or “So… you wearing that?”  :-)

My answer was a resounding yes and I happily took, what I now call my “Bad Trip Rabbit”, out the door with me.

I connected with this pic for a couple of reasons, one I will NEVER own up to because it’s too embarrassing.  (And no, I will not tell you what it is no matter how many times you ask me.)

As a writer, I often find myself going down rabbit holes.  Occasionally it’s a good trip, and I come back no worse for the wear. These are the days when I actually find when I’m looking for on internet within 5 minutes or so without getting sucked into the net void, or  I’m able to perfectly channel my mood and  finish up that scene I’ve been grueling through, or I manage to magically pull together some random plot points with a genius that even astounds me.  Like I said, this happens only occasionally…. 😉

But most times, I take those bad trips down the rabbit hole.  Writers know the ones I’m talking about.   Like while researching, I come across one carrot and leads to another carrot, that leads to yet another carrot. And by the time I’m done (an hour or so later), I have no clue how I ended up where I ended up or what my initial reason for even starting the search was. Like that time I specifically went in search of the properties of amber and ended up on Jean Claude Van Damme’s Wikipedia page. Really, who does that?  And to be honest, Jean Claude’s page was probably the tamest end of one of my research trips.  I’ve seen stuff that simply cannot be unseen… (And no, please don’t ask.)

Or  I go down the rabbit hole and come back with dark information I was not expecting for a story or character I’m working on. This is when I find out someone doesn’t make it after all or some sort of bad fate befalls a character that has already had so much bad happen in their fictional lives. OR–my personal fav– when I find out the story I’ve invested about 50,000+  words into is now a pile of junk as something has changed and the plot, theme, or characters, as they currently stand, no longer work.  I just LOVE IT when that happens…. ~sarcasm~

So that’s why when I saw this rabbit, who’s obviously had a bad trip down the rabbit hole this time around and came back much worse for the wear– I mean come on, the dude is now a vamp bunny; that screams of a bad trip– I had to have him.  I can sooo  identify with my new little bunny dude on those days.



Muse Music: Tuesday Heartbreak

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Hello, my name is La-Tessa, and I am in post con withdrawal :-(

I knew it would happen, it always does.  The Georgia Romance Writers chapter of RWA did another wonderful job with Moonlight & Magnolias this year.

So I’m giving myself 3:36 to pout about M&M 2014 being over,  and I choose Macy Grey to help me with this. (And yes, the title says “Tuesday”, but just pretend it says “Monday”) 😉

No worries, my official recap will be up tomorrow, and you too will get a glimpse of awesomeness we all had this weekend.




muse music


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