Muse Music: Uptown Funk

Posted by: La-Tessa

Not a lot of words needed for this Muse Muse selection today.  Now, if this song doesn’t put you in your happy place and make you get up and dance, then I don’t know what will.


Happy Monday! Be great today.



muse music



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S4: Jumping In

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water, pool, calmThe hypnotic, sultry beat of Glass Animal’s “Holiest” flowed through the club and Vivian, lost in the sounds and feels of it, let it take control. She’d spent her life being unfulfilled, constantly underwhelmed by life and all the excitement it promised; yet she’d been completely overwhelmed with the duty, burden, and sacrifice of it.

A sudden warmth, which had nothing to do with the double shot of tequila she’d just downed, hit her at the base of her spine and coursed through her veins like liquid fire. She did a slow turn to the beat of the music and from beneath half lidded eyes, spotted a tall figure, partially shadowed, against the wall…watching her every movement.

Upon noticing he’d been caught, he stepped into the light, his whiskey colored eyes asked the question without him uttering a single sound or moving his full lips.

She slowed her hips to a winding stop and sauntered over to the exit, looking back over her shoulder she allowed a single word to pass her lips, “Yes.”


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Down the Rabbit Hole

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Vamp RabbitI was in New Orleans this weekend and of course my imagination was lit on fire by all that surrounded me. The visuals, the smells, the sounds, the food… I was on a creative high the entire time.  One night, perusing the French Quarter, we happened upon this little art gallery and this picture caught my attention.

One look and YES, I had to have it.

My friend gave me a questioning, but supportive, look and asked “Are you going to get that?” in “that” tone. You know the tone when someone is trying to talk you out of something you may regret.  Like, “Are you sure jumping off that bridge is the right thing to do right now?” or “So… you wearing that?”  :-)

My answer was a resounding yes and I happily took, what I now call my “Bad Trip Rabbit”, out the door with me.

I connected with this pic for a couple of reasons, one I will NEVER own up to because it’s too embarrassing.  (And no, I will not tell you what it is no matter how many times you ask me.)

As a writer, I often find myself going down rabbit holes.  Occasionally it’s a good trip, and I come back no worse for the wear. These are the days when I actually find when I’m looking for on internet within 5 minutes or so without getting sucked into the net void, or  I’m able to perfectly channel my mood and  finish up that scene I’ve been grueling through, or I manage to magically pull together some random plot points with a genius that even astounds me.  Like I said, this happens only occasionally…. ;-)

But most times, I take those bad trips down the rabbit hole.  Writers know the ones I’m talking about.   Like while researching, I come across one carrot and leads to another carrot, that leads to yet another carrot. And by the time I’m done (an hour or so later), I have no clue how I ended up where I ended up or what my initial reason for even starting the search was. Like that time I specifically went in search of the properties of amber and ended up on Jean Claude Van Damme’s Wikipedia page. Really, who does that?  And to be honest, Jean Claude’s page was probably the tamest end of one of my research trips.  I’ve seen stuff that simply cannot be unseen… (And no, please don’t ask.)

Or  I go down the rabbit hole and come back with dark information I was not expecting for a story or character I’m working on. This is when I find out someone doesn’t make it after all or some sort of bad fate befalls a character that has already had so much bad happen in their fictional lives. OR–my personal fav– when I find out the story I’ve invested about 50,000+  words into is now a pile of junk as something has changed and the plot, theme, or characters, as they currently stand, no longer work.  I just LOVE IT when that happens…. ~sarcasm~

So that’s why when I saw this rabbit, who’s obviously had a bad trip down the rabbit hole this time around and came back much worse for the wear– I mean come on, the dude is now a vamp bunny; that screams of a bad trip– I had to have him.  I can sooo  identify with my new little bunny dude on those days.



Muse Music: Tuesday Heartbreak

Posted by: La-Tessa

Hello, my name is La-Tessa, and I am in post con withdrawal :-(

I knew it would happen, it always does.  The Georgia Romance Writers chapter of RWA did another wonderful job with Moonlight & Magnolias this year.

So I’m giving myself 3:36 to pout about M&M 2014 being over,  and I choose Macy Grey to help me with this. (And yes, the title says “Tuesday”, but just pretend it says “Monday”) ;-)

No worries, my official recap will be up tomorrow, and you too will get a glimpse of awesomeness we all had this weekend.




muse music


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Muse Music: Windows Are Rolled Down

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Setting the tone for my insanely busy week, that I shall get through without losing my sense of peace and calm.  Let’s go!



muse music


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Muse Music: XO

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Inspired by my current short I’m working on, and Beyonce’s VMA performance last night, I bring you John Mayer’s cover of XO.  I love the stripped down, simplicity of his version.

“Your love is bright as ever
Even in the shadows”


muse music

**Music & lyrics are property and copyright of their owners; provided here for educational purposes and personal use only.

Just Try

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SnoopySinger Colbie Caillat recently released the music video for “Try” {posted below}.  The song, and it’s message, struck a chord immediately.

The opening lyrics to “Try” are:

Put your make-up on
Get your nails done
Curl your hair
Run the extra mile
Keep it slim so they like you, do they like you?

And here is part of the chorus:

You don’t have to try so hard
You don’t have to, give it all away
You just have to get up, get up, get up, get up
You don’t have to change a single thing

The song is about women in general, who try so hard, either through dieting, make up, spending money, etc.,  to get people to like and accept them; to get society to like and accept them. This song, and it’s video, beautifully expresses the theme of the  Seven Dress Sizes collection. While watching this video, my mind went immediately to this particular collection of short stories.

No, not just because I have a story included in this anthology, but because I think we (regardless of age or sex) need more stories like this in the world and in circulation.  They need to be read, to be discussed, and most importantly, they are needed as a counterbalance to all the “standard of beauty” none sense that our girls and boys are being indoctrinated with.  Seven Dress Sizes takes you into the lives of seven different modern women.  All struggling, in a full scope of shapes and sizes, to find the keys to unlocking their confidence, self worth, and acceptance of their individual brands of beauty.

My grandma use to tell me all the time: “Don’t eat anything prepared by a cook that won’t eat their own cooking.”   This is a creative paraphrase as I can’t remember exactly what she said, but you get the idea.  Why would you eat anything (no matter how desirable it sounds, looks, or smells)  if the person who made it won’t eat it?  There are so many people out there in the world that are willing to hurt, maim, starve, nearly kill, or bankrupt themselves all to get other people to like and accept them, when they can’t even like and accept themselves.

We face so many societal pressures, and not just women, members of all minority groups (be them based on sex, race, or privilege).  There has been a time when we’ve all been caught up on trying to be something we’re not, just for the sake of fitting in, or not being ridiculed, or gaining something we think we want/need.  As a mom of 3, I am hyperaware of the many negative images and pressures that exist in our world. I wore myself out trying to keep all these negative influences away from my children. I then took a different approach.  Yes, I still teach my kids right from wrong, but I also place a high priority on allowing them to develop their own personalities, their own interests, and their own quirks.  But giving them this freedom to grow is not enough, I make them to own up and accept themselves for what they are: the things that make them unique, special, and beautiful.

Most of the time, this is involves lots of jokes and laughter. You should SEE some of the outfits my youngest puts together, but as long as it is age and weather appropriate and doesn’t clash too horribly, I let her roll with it.  I can’t tell you the number of times I joke with my son about his love of all things camping and outdoor survival related (seriously, I’ve NO CLUE where he got that from, because it most certainly didn’t come from me).  But hey, he’s not harming anyone and he’s learning valuable skills.  So even though it’s not my thing, or most people’s thing,  it’s perfectly okay that it’s his thing.

But sometimes a serious conversation is needed to reinforce their values, morals, and norms, AND to reassure them they are fine the way they are. I tell them often they cannot, nor will not, ever please everyone all the time. Once my daughter came home in tears and wanted to cut her locs off–which are halfway down her back– because someone told her she “looked like a boy” with them. My response to her was “We can cut your hair if you want you, it’s 100% your decision.  You are beautiful with or without locs, with long or short hair.  However, we are NOT cutting your hair because of something stupid and idiotic some child said to you.”  It took her a couple of months to think on this, she decided she didn’t want to cut her hair after all. :-)

This is my way of instilling a strong sense of self confidence, self worth, and self love  in them.  This is something that took me nearly 30 years to grown into and develop on my own.  I wanted to give them a leg up on the learning curve. I think it’s working and wish more adults would start living and loving for them, not some unobtainable society standard.

Hey, go be you!  Try loving and accepting you for exactly who and what you are. Try not downing those that are not like you or that don’t live up to your standard of beauty, whatever that is.  I’m not saying don’t strive to improve yourself, no one is perfect.  But try looking at yourself with an honest filter vs. the hypersensitive, harsh one.

Just try.


7 Dress Sizes



What is a woman’s worth ? What is beauty? Depending on culture, commercialism, family, or our peers, men and woman have allowed society to dictate a woman’s worth based on nothing more than the outer shell of her existence.

There is no perfect number. No measurement or shape is safe under the judgmental eyes of the world.

No eyes can judge a woman as harshly as her own.



**Music & lyrics are property and copyright of their owners; provided here for educational purposes and personal use only.

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