S4: Lies

The JourneyLifting the flute in mock toast, she downed the pale straw colored liquid in one gulp.

She’d never developed a liking for the tart, bubbly drink, but today its bitterness reminded her she was alive.

Without the bad, the good can’t be appreciated; without pain, there is no ecstasy; without rain, there is no growth.  And without wading through the lies, selfishness, and bullshit, she’d never have the gift waiting for her on the other side of the door.

“Hey darling, you ready?”

She put the glass down, opened the door, and proceeded down  the hall to the rest of her life, with a smile on her face and expectation in her heart.






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“Essential Element for Writing a Successful Series”- Repost

Came across this article today via Word Whores by Linda Robertson.  This article, itself, is good.  But what I really found useful is the links Ms. Robertson included that gives additional insight into character emotions and the revelation of the 3 story arcs.

I happen to agree with her and the point she makes on the Hero’s Journey.  I have an extremely hard time making it fit with my contemporary romances and paranormals.  Now high fantasy, I have no trouble making the connections.  I guess my brain just isn’t fluid enough at this point to adapt it. 😀

I highly recommend all writers take a read. And to make things easy, I got permission to repost the  article here. :-)


<insert drumroll here>

…a character who grabs our interest with both hands.

You know, someone whose emotions cause us to keep turning pages.

“Emotions?” you ask.

Yes. Emotions.

In an article that I highly recommend (and which of course supports my statement), Martha Alderson, aka the Plot Whisperer, says:
“Moviegoers and readers identify with stories through the characters. The most powerful way to reach an audience is through the characters’ emotions. For only when we connect with the characters on an emotional level, does the interaction become deep and meaningful. Well-written scenes that include characters’ emotions allow the audience to viscerally take part in the story and bond with the characters.” LINK HERE Go read it. I’ll wait….

The character feels something about their situation that defines that character; even their apathy tells us something. Their actions convey to us the core of their emotions. Their reactions to other characters, to a new situation, to someone else’s display of emotions –or lack thereof– and the words they speak divulge to us as a whole something more than the sum of the actual words on the page.

Why? Because we feel and react, too. Our experience, and the experiences shared with us by our families and friends and loved ones are all a part of our lives and influence us as we grow and mature across the arc of our lives.

And using that as a convenient segue…

Your series character must be able to A.) maintain an interesting arc or B.) have an endless stream of storylines and options in his/her/its life. Or both.

In The 3 Types of Character Arc – Change, Growth and Fall HERE Veronica Sicoe talks about character arcs that stray from the standard Heroes Journey, arcs called: the Change Arc, the Growth Arc, the Shift Arc and the Fall Arc.

Each of the installments in a series in part forms the large “whole” of the character’s arc, like the stones in the picture.

In what ways are you preparing your character for the arc? Or are you letting their story prepare you? What forces are at work beyond the control of the character, forces that will inevitably force difficulties upon her, ones that she, where you have placed her in the opening of your tale, cannot anticipate, ones leading her to places she cannot imagine going?

Tell me those questions waft like a seductive scent under the nose of your curious and inspiration-seeking writer brain…

To see the original article in it’s in entirety, with all the referring links and images, please click here.

Muse Music: Lesson Learned

No one is immune to life’s sting. And not all masks are easily detectable.  It’s okay to feel the pain, but there is absolutely no point in wallowing. Just get it done and look forward to the next corner, the next sunrise, and the next mountain peak. Because surely, it is coming.

I have several, very important projects to wrap up in the next few weeks.  With so much going on in the “real world” lately, I began to lose sight of a few things.  But my friends, along with Ms. Alicia and John, have helped bring a bit of perspective.

Hell, what is life without a little pain?  If you don’t experience the bad, how will you appreciate and cherish the good?

He broke my heart
And now it’s raining
Just to rub it in
I’m at your door
I feel so crazy about it
You’ll say I told you so
You saw it long ago
You knew he had to go
I finally came ’round
I’m back on solid ground
Can’t let it get me down


muse music


**Music & lyrics are property and copyright of their owners; provided here for educational purposes and personal use only.

1st Edits…& So It Begins

Good writing is hard workIn case you didn’t know, or were wondering–since I don’t think I’ve shared this bit of news here– I am expanding my previously published short/flash fic story, “Found Rhythm”, to novella length.  So, to ensure I do my story justice and not take away from its original message, but amp up the emotion and connection, I hired an editor to assist me with development, direction, and to provide line and copy edits.

Today I received my first ever set of professional editor notes.  And, let me just say, WOW! Of course, I was excited, and anxious, to get the email.

Then I opened it.

Then I read it.

Then I opened the revision letter.

And it is NINE pages long.  Nine! O_O *Que the music and the beverages*

So after I got over the fact that I had NINE pages of developmental critique, help, and suggestions, I read it.  And guess what? It’s all good.  Exactly what I was looking for and what I think I need to move this story in the direction I what it to go.

Now the hard work starts. It’s time for me to take my baby and help it mature into the story I know it can be.  A story with the heart, soul, and depth only an additional 20k words, my sweat & hard work, and the my editor’s expert patience will provide. Well, a few beverages of the caffeinated and adult varieties may also be needed. :-)

So, enough of my semi-griping. I’m really excited about this project and seeing how my little seed of a story will grow.  It’s going to be hard work, I know, but I’m looking forward to it.

Cheers!! Here’s to me achieving another milestone (my first set of professional editorial notes–WOOHOO), a successful editing process, putting a diamond shine on my story, and me & my editor keeping our sanity over the next few months. 😀

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