And I’m off to sail the wild, blue sea
To find what lies out there for me
In hopes there’s good things in store
For indigo isolation and vexation
I can take no more

There is no need to worry about me
I sail to discover just what I can be
I’ll never know my own true measure
Dealing with gray, ambiguity, and relay
If I can’t rely on me for my own life’s pleasure


Where ever I float, wander, or probe
Be you family, friend, lover, or foe
I’m there if needed, though my presence you won’t see
But not to deal with your bullshit
Nor summoned simply because you want something from me

So I’m off to sail the wild, blue sea
In hopes of something good out there for me
Praying for strength and patience as I walk through the door
There’s always risk when embarking on a new journey
But I will find what I’m searching for


The Edge

Life’s disappointments hurt, so do failure and betrayal on any level
Even the strongest can crack under the stress of hypocrisy, unfairness and loneliness

My life on the edge…
It’s simple really; it’s a long way down
And there’s no way I can survive the fall
Is there?

But it feels like the only way out sometimes…most times
Right now

If I take just one step, Gravity will do the rest

But the funny thing is even if I don’t. Even if I keep my feet firmly on solid ground
Gravity will still be there, and it’ll still do its job
Keeping all things anchored, all things grounded

Even when you don’t wanna be anchored. Or grounded

Sometimes I wanna free fall
Sometimes I wanna just let my problems
My hurts
My inadequacies


Yet Gravity keeps me tethered

To reality
To the pain
To unfounded fears

I’m not sure that’s something I can handle just right now
But, it’s a long way down…

I wonder…
Is the darkness comforting?
Will it help me forget?
Will it mask  the pain of landing?

It won’t let me go, yet it can’t help but make me fall
If I take that step…

Will fear cocoon me in its warm, suffocating embrace
If I take that step?

Will falling grant me the opportunity to think, to reflect
If I take that step?

Or will I instead hear The Voice
The one that laughs at me, taunts me… ridicules me

The one that says:
YOU are nothing; YOU are inconsequential, YOU cannot do it

There’s only one way to find out

But damn, it’s a long way down




An original piece of poetry.  It’s not 100%, but then nothing I write ever seems to be…
Inspiration for this piece: the current wip and my attempt to capture the sting only true temptation can bring; the type of flame you want to rush head first into and relish the heat as you burn.



When I’m near you my body reacts, another part of my brain takes over
The baser part, intent only on satisfying primal needs

All rational thoughts out the window
Right… wrong
Good… bad
Should… could

The only quandary of relevance right now is
Satisfaction gained? or Satisfaction denied?

Even here where distractions are plenty and obligations abound
The crowd fades to black the moment you touch me
You pull me close.  Though I shouldn’t, I willingly go

I feel you, you feel me?

Your arms around my waist
Your hands at by back
Your lips on my neck
Your chest against mine
YOU against me…

Again I wonder, do you feel me like I feel you?

The tempo changes, the mood grows thick
Can I get any closer? I wonder…
Can you hold me any tighter? I wish…

All I want is what’s right in front of me
All I want is you

You face says what your mouth won’t
We’re both pondering the same unspoken question
Your lips on mine is the crossing of the  line
White or black ?
Will I have the strength the stay within the grey?

Do you feel that too?
That slow spark that sizzled a path from the spot you touched
To one you want to
Like oxygen to a fire

Control slips when you’re near
Control doesn’t exisit when you’re here
My one tempation

Should I yield?

© 2011 La-Tessa Montgomery
Image: Paulo Gabriel

My Skillz as a Poetress

ButterflyAnd yes, I did just make up the word Poetress. Don’t hate me for my fierceness. 🙂

I don’t consider myself a poetic at all, but I have been known to pen one or two from time to time.  So, I’ve been attending the only symposium at Savvy Authors this week and came across a writing challenge.  It seemed like fun, so I went for it. The challenge was to select a poem, then close your eyes and pick a line.  Whatever line you selected had to be the first line of the new poem you wrote.

So, I dug out one of two poetry books I own (No really, I had to dig through a box to find it)  Erotique Noire/Black Erotic and I chose Discoveries by Gloria Wade-Gayles

**Warning** There is some language in this one, apparently I was feeling all militant when I wrote it. 🙂

I kept it covered with
long flowing dresses and skirts,
with scarves and veils

I kept it covered with
your oppressive, sexist bullshit philosophies,
with your lewd and salacious stares
But fuck you!
My sensuality is mine and mine alone to claim
mine alone to explore…

I keep it covered with
my ideas and intuition
with my own dreams and fantasies

Oh, and tattoos
lots and lots of tattoos

*snap snap snap* <–Yes, I snapped for myself 🙂

You know, doing this challenge really got the creative juices flowing, so I went into the vault to dig up some of my older stuff.   I only found two pieces. ~blank stare~  (Guess they we’re up to snuff so I didn’t bother keeping them.  Told ya’ I wasn’t a poet-lol.)

Of the two I found, one is forever lost as I cannot remember the darn password I put on it.  Ahh, but the one I did find… Wow, just let me preference this by saying, I was trying to be sexy.

Here goes:

You asked, “Where do you miss me?”
My response, “Everywhere.”

From the top of my head, to the bottom of my feet, and all the places in between.

My ears miss your smooth, moist tongue playing with them
My neck misses your long, soft kisses; you know the ones that make me come undone
My breasts miss the pleasure-and the pain- you bring
My friend misses the way your tongue caresses her, bringing her to climax,
causing her to rain down her satisfaction
She also misses your friend, the muscular one that strokes her the way she
likes to be stroked; bringing her to climax again, and again, and again
My feet miss the pleasure and contentment that you create, your touch brings so much gratification and desire

My legs miss the sensation of feeling drained and weak after a session with you
My fingers miss the attention you pay to them
The insides of my arms miss your kisses
My body misses being wrapped up in your arms….

I feel so safe and secure there

I miss you everywhere

Ok, that’s if for my poetry vault, as it were.  But this was fun, as well as a great way for me to get some free writing out of the way before tackling my wip for the day.

Don’t be shy, post your responses to my poetic attempts.  Better yet, post some of your poems in the comment section below.  Randomly choose a line or poetry, or song lyric, and have at it.