State of the Industry: African American Romance

LaTessa MontgomeryWith it being Black History Month, I wanted to spark a bit of conversation about a genre I’ve loved since the mid 1990’s:  African American romance.  I’ve seen its popularity grow over the years, but it’s still not at the level of its mainstream counterparts.

Today, I am over at Savvy Authors sharing my thoughts about African American romance, its place in today’s market, & its possible place in the future and what this means for writers and readers of this genre.

Head on over and join in on the discussion.  I’ll see you over there. 🙂

Guest Appearance: Chatting with Lisa Sullivan

Found RhythmToday, Lisa Sullivan is hosting me over at her blog.  I’m talking about the new release, Seven Dress Sizes, of course. 🙂  But also giving some insight into my story, “Found Rhythm”, and the angle I took on exploring the collection’s theme.  Check me out!

*Side note-Lisa is owner of L.A.S Books where she provides editorial and desk top publishing assistance. She’s also Executive Editor of Ghosts of the Mid-Atlantic , a monthly magazine dealing the paranormal and the Mid-Atlantic.  Check out an issue or two, it’s good reading.