Another One

SnoopyReceived my 2nd rejection on my contemp IR romance this week. I expected as much, but it still smarts a bit.

The silver lining to this cloud (this thunder cloud that is WFF) is that I’ve been getting revision ideas to implement on the overhaul revision round.  I’m been second guessing myself because the changes (not to the plot, but the actual timing of things) is major.  To implement, it will cause me to let go of 2 ideas that have been with me for 2 years with this wip–translation: not an easy feat.

But, this rejection is making me feel better about implementing them.


“It’s been a long time, I shouldn’t have left you…

Without a strong rhyme to step to”

I had to borrow from Eric B. and Rakim to properly set the tone for this post. I’ve been past swamped the past month or so, and I’ve not updated my blog here, or at my personal blog since then.  I’m not upset with myself though, mainly because I made a promise to myself to properly balance all of my writing related activities with those of my personal and professional lives.

But that said, I really want to update my blog at least once a week.  So I’ve decided to commit to updating my blog more often.  While I don’t think have much going on right now that’s really exciting, I have a couple ideas I want to run with.  Namely, doing a series of editorials and some craft related articles.  I’ve not nailed anything down 100%, but I will continue to  brainstorm on it.

I do have a bit of news (not good or bad) to share.  I was asked to re-submit my submission package to an editor that requested it at the Moonlight & Magnolias conference I attended in 2009.  The good news is that I’ve made some major changes in the heroine’s GMC.  While this means quite a significant amount of revisions to the 40,000+ words I’ve already written, I believe the story flows better and I know longer feel like I am trapped with a plot element I just don’t like and connect with.

Anywho, I sent the editor my submission package (which consists of a totally rewritten first 3 chapters).  I’m nervous about her reaction/decision, but I feel MUCH better about the content I sent.

Okay, off to produce some words, I’m out–but it will not be as long in between my posts again. 🙂


ButterflyI reached another milestone in my journey towards publication. Yesterday, late afternoon-ish, in the midst of a very trying day, I received my very first rejection letter.

And oddly enough, it made me feel better.  Yes, I have been accused  of being strange (in fact I was told to my face quite emphatically this very thing yesterday by a friend :-) ), but it my mood actually improved after I read it. 

Yes, I’m disappointed that the very first agent I pitched to, and sent my very first submission packet  to, didn’t connect with my writing as I’d hoped.  But this is more than a simple “Thanks, but no thanks”, it’s  badge of courage, as well as part of the progress.  Several of my writing buddies were very supportive of me in accomplishing this milestone and have the courage to “put myself out there” as they put it.

Rejections are par the course for writers.  Success in the publishing game is all relative.  You can be hot today and not two weeks from now.   Many authors, after selling one, or several, books  find themselves in a position where they’re having a tough time selling  their new book(s).

So cheers to me on my very first, and probably not last :-), rejection letter and to me accomplishing one of my writing goals for this year. Woohoo!   So in the spirit of true perseverance, I will carry on with my wip, polish it up til it shines, and shop it around again.  Who knows, I still have one more submission package out there so there’s hope I may get a request for a full.

Another Milestone

I did it. 

I pulled the trigger and hit the “Send” button this morning, emailing my first two submission packets off.

Oddly enough, I’m not feeling nervous and anxious, like I thought I would be.  Instead, I’m feeling good, confident in the quality of submission.  Now, let’s hope they see something in my manuscript and are interested.

Now, time to get back to polishing the current wip, plotting out my next one, and cracking out the words on my NaNo project as I await feedback.