Muse Music: Tuesday Heartbreak

Hello, my name is La-Tessa, and I am in post con withdrawal ūüôĀ

I knew it would happen, it always does.  The Georgia Romance Writers chapter of RWA did another wonderful job with Moonlight & Magnolias this year.

So I’m giving myself 3:36 to pout about M&M 2014 being over, ¬†and I choose Macy Grey to help me with this.¬†(And yes,¬†the title says “Tuesday”, but just pretend it says “Monday”) ūüėČ

No worries, my official recap will be up tomorrow, and you too will get a glimpse of awesomeness we all had this weekend.


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Moonlight & Magnolias 2011


Just got back from GRW’s Moonlight & Magnolias conference. ¬†And as usual, it was excellent. ¬†The workshops covered a variety of topics, and the hands on workshops on critiquing–which I had the pleasure of co-moderating– and pitching went very well. ¬†The conference was in Decatur, GA this year and was my first time visiting. ¬† I must say, the area we were in was very charming, had excellent restuarants, bars, and shopping all withing walking distance.




Now, on to the conference highlights: ¬†First up, I really enjoyed the pitch workshop. ¬†The attendees were divided up and paired with a published author for hands on pitch work. ¬†I was lucky enough to get author Mark All, and just let me tell you, he really¬†helped me get my urban fantasy pitch together. ¬†Trust me when I say I needed it. ¬†I’ve been writing, living and breathing Contemporary Romance the last 3 years and had no clue how to best pitch my UF. ¬†Mark stepped in and shed light on it for me. ¬†A big help as I went on to successfully pitch that day and¬†received¬†a submission request. ¬†YAY!! for me and THANKS!!!! to Mark for his help.

Leigh Michaels’ workshop, Things that Stump the Best of Us was super awesome. ¬†One of my weaknesses as a writer is that I tend to focus a lot on back story and character history, as opposed to present story action as I start off my stories. ¬†Leigh reviewed quite a few quick tools to help eliminate this, improve pace, and fix up transitions. ¬†Really good stuff, I can’t wait to implement in my revisions.

Of course, meeting up with friends, making new connections and the Maggie Awards are the crown jewels of M&M for me each year.  Here are a couple a memories from the weekend:  Some of the authors I met:

Author D. Renee Bagby

D. Renee was up for a Maggie for Eris this year in the Paranormal category


Jodi & author Leigh Michaels

Leigh delivered two excellent workshops this year.


Author Shiloh Walker

Got the chance to meet Shiloh at the book signing. ¬†She was being coy ūüôā

Author Gabi Stevens

Gabi gave a great workshop on themes and how they can be used to strengthen your story.


Now, on to the Maggies, we had a ball:




Me & 3 of my critique partners.  Lovely ladies in blue, black and white




Pam and & I posing with author Jax Cassidy






Chudney mid groove- LOL






No clue what Jodi and I call ourselves doing right here. ¬†None at all ūüôā





J is feeling the music I tell ya.






Nicki, Trish, and DJ Silver Knight.  He kept us on the dance floor all night long, whether we wanted to be or not!  Good times all around!





Again, another great conference put on by the members of GRW. ¬†I’d be remiss if I left out the highlight of the conference…. I pitched to 2 editors and 1 agent and received submission requests from all 3!!! ¬†WOOT! I’m super excited, even more so because my the editor I pitched my contemp romance to seemed just as excited about my story as I am. ¬†This is important because my contemp happens to fall into a subcategory that makes it a bit hard to place. ¬†But I love the story, so I’m sticking with it.

If you’re an author, published or not, and looking for a conference to attend in 2012, I’d highly recommend Moonlight and Magnolias. ¬†It will be back in Norcross next year which means one thing… The Norcross Train Station for dinner and desert. ¬†Personally, I can’t wait ūüôā


Out and About in Norcross, GA

Friday night during downtime, I went to the historic section of Norcross, GA.  My travel companions and I enjoyed it so much, that we went back the next day during the Arts Festival.  Anyone who loves one of a kind art would absolutely LOVE this festival.  The short time I was there made enough of an impression on me, that I am making tentative plans to visit again next year.  Hopefully, it will be held during the same time as the Moonlight & Magnolias conference, and I can do both again. 

We enjoyed the food and atmosphere so much at the Norcross Station Cafe, that we had dinner there both Friday and Saturday night.¬† Let me tell you, the food was excellent and portions were huge.¬† I have never tasted carrot cake as good as what I had there.¬† And believe me, the resident dessert expert, that cake is worth another trip there all on it’s own.

Norcross Station Cafe
Norcross Station Cafe
Norcross Station Cafe
Norcross Station Cafe

I loved the art work on the door, the cafe sits directly behind a working railroad.

Here are some pics I took at the festival:

Wine Caddy
Wine Caddy

I love this wine caddy ūüôā

Metal Butterflies
Metal Butterflies

I LOVED these ornamental metal butterfies as well.¬† The pic doesn’t do them justices, but they were the brillantly colored.¬† They were also huge-LOL.¬† It’s a good thing there was not enough room in my luggage for one ūüôā



I loved the colors in this set.  That blue was soo bright, it actually looked like it was moving.


The Clock
The Clock

I took me forever to get a decent picture of this clock, it reminded me of the clock tower in Back To The Future from some strange reason.¬† Check out the harpist and the recorder player ūüėČ

Unfortunately, because of the booths, I could not get any clear pictures of the store fronts.  Also we were short on time, so I did not get any pictures of the beautiful, vintage homes in the area.

Oh well, there’s always next time.







Moonlight & Magnolias Conference-2008

I attended my first writer’s conference, Moonlight & Magnolias, this past weekend.  For those not familiar with this event, it’s sponsored annually by the Georgia Romance Writerschapter in Atlanta.  The conference consisted of several excellent workshops, editor and agent appointments, and a host of networking opportunities.  The jewel of the event was the Margie Award presentation and dance.

As a newbie in the writing game, I was blown away by the amount of information I received that actually impacted my writing.¬† For me, the highlight of the conference was Margie Lawson’s workshop on Empowering Characters’ Emotion.¬† This one workshop is so powerful, that it made an immediate impact.¬† If you get a chance, visit Margie’s website¬† and checkout her conference/online workshop schedules and her lecture packets.¬† Any author serious about making their writing more powerful and taking it to the next level would definitely benefit from one, if not all, of her courses.¬† Heck, maybe I‚Äôll ‚Äúsee‚ÄĚ you in one of them.

After the workshop I was able to get a picture with Margie.¬† Ok, I am not looking the cutest here, but it was a long day and I my mind was full of all the great info I’d just recieved-LOL.¬†

me with Author Margie Lawson
me w/ Author Margie Lawson

¬†Another workshop that made an impact was Winnie Griggs‚Äô presentation on backstory.¬† This was a true ‚Äúwow‚ÄĚ moment for me.¬† I left this workshop armed to handle all my backstory and exposition in much more favorable way, without bogging my story down and losing my message.¬† And last but not least, Stephanie Bond presented an awesome workshop called Write Fast, Write Well.¬† She passed along some wonderful time management and discipline tips.¬†

On Saturday, I attended the book fair and autographing session.  I must say, Borders had a very well stocked bookstore there.  I was very impressed with the amount and variety of craft books they had on hand.  During the bookfair, I was able to chat with some more authors and get a couple of pictures as well:

Author Carmen Green
Author Carmen Green

If you’ve never read a book by Carmen Green, you a missing a treat.¬† The next time you are in the bookstore,¬†and you want a good read,¬†pick¬†up one of her novels.¬† Of course, I was in networking mode while I was there, and hopefully I will get the opportunity to interview Ms. Green for¬† If I do, I will let you know-lol.

Author Jenna Petersen
Author Jenna Petersen

Ok, I hate to admit this, but I have been admiring the cover to one of Jenna’s books for the better part of 4 months or so.¬† Whenever I go into Borders, which is quite often mind you, I somehow come across¬†Lessons From A Courtesan¬†every time(<–cover shown in photo).¬† And every time I take it off the shelf, look at it intently, read the back, then place it back on the shelf.¬† For some reason, I didn’t¬†purchase it, even though it constantly caught my attention.¬† Now I¬†know why.¬† Somehow the psychic in me knew I would be meeting her this year and that I would get the chance to get the book in person and get it autographed-LOL.¬†

Author Teresa Mederios
Author Teresa Mederios

I was honored to meet Teresa Mederios, the featured Keynote speaker, during the book fair.  She was so nice and down to earth, it was a pleasure getting a few minutes to chat with her.  She delivered an awesome address during the luncheon, I actually paid attention through her entire speech; and anyone who knows me knows how my attention wonders a bit at times-LOL.  So that, in itself, is a testament to how great her talk was.  I look forward to reading her latest Some Like It Wicked.

All in all, I had a wonderful time at the conference and came away with a renewed vigor, passion, and drive for the craft.  I look forward to returning next year.

‘Till next time,