Muse Inspiration: The Bridge

While music speaks to my soul and my creativity, images remain my number one source of inspiration. I’m a visual person, either an actual image or one I’ve created in my mind is usually enough get my muse going. So this year, I will branch out and share not only music that inspires me, but images and quotes as well.

Aurora Bridge, Seattle


First up, the Aurora Bridge. I snapped this shot while on vacay in Seattle last year. This trip actually sparked an entirely new story I will be working on this year.  I found Seattle to be a huge source of inspiration without it even trying.  Every little nook and cranny I explored, the good food and beer, and its friendly and accepting citizens really stoked my author fires.

For me, this image marks a significant turning point in this story, which currently resides solely in my mind.  I don’t have many concrete details about it this particular moment, just a feeling.  One of angst, confusion, a little bit of anger, and a spark of light.  Yeah, yeah, I doubt this makes any sense to you, but this is how I translate images.  I take the feelings they give me and work to impart them on the story as they fit.

What, if anything, does this image say to you?


Image: © La-Tessa Montgomery, 2015

S4: Lies

The JourneyLifting the flute in mock toast, she downed the pale straw colored liquid in one gulp.

She’d never developed a liking for the tart, bubbly drink, but today its bitterness reminded her she was alive.

Without the bad, the good can’t be appreciated; without pain, there is no ecstasy; without rain, there is no growth.  And without wading through the lies, selfishness, and bullshit, she’d never have the gift waiting for her on the other side of the door.

“Hey darling, you ready?”

She put the glass down, opened the door, and proceeded down  the hall to the rest of her life, with a smile on her face and expectation in her heart.






Image Source

S4: Jumping In

water, pool, calmThe hypnotic, sultry beat of Glass Animal’s “Holiest” flowed through the club and Vivian, lost in the sounds and feels of it, let it take control. She’d spent her life being unfulfilled, constantly underwhelmed by life and all the excitement it promised; yet she’d been completely overwhelmed with the duty, burden, and sacrifice of it.

A sudden warmth, which had nothing to do with the double shot of tequila she’d just downed, hit her at the base of her spine and coursed through her veins like liquid fire. She did a slow turn to the beat of the music and from beneath half lidded eyes, spotted a tall figure, partially shadowed, against the wall…watching her every movement.

Upon noticing he’d been caught, he stepped into the light, his whiskey colored eyes asked the question without him uttering a single sound or moving his full lips.

She slowed her hips to a winding stop and sauntered over to the exit, looking back over her shoulder she allowed a single word to pass her lips, “Yes.”


(c) 2014 La-Tessa Montgomery, all rights reserved

S4: The Zero Coefficient

Faded sunset


“Another sunset, another ending,” she mumbled.

It seemed she was always on the wrong side of the equation; the variable that got cut, the coefficient that gets reduced.

“Friends,” she blew a short breath, “right.”

She released the crumbled square of paper in her hand, the wind took it before it hit the ground.  Tossing the remnants of her hot fudge sundae in the trash, she took one last look at the blue inked paper fluttering down stream, and walked away.

Faded sunset at her back.


(c) 2014 La-Tessa Montgomery. All rights reserved.