New Writing Space!!

I’ve done a fair amount of downsizing this year.  As a result, I had to create a new writing space for myself.  My old office had it’s pluses and minuses.  On the plus side, it was a nice size.  I had plenty of room to spread out and store lots of books and notes.   On the down side, it was located in a very busy part of my house, so quiet, peace, and the chance to really focus on my work was a bit of a challenge most times.

So, when designing my new space, I wanted something smaller and simpler (there is definitely something to be said about the whole “less is more” adage” ).  So after a couple of months of desk shopping, I finally found the one that spoke to me and would work in my new space.  After putting my dream desk  together myself (only had to take it apart and start over 5 times…) I lucked up on the perfect chair.  After a quick check through some boxes for supplies, a trip to an estate sale for some finishing touches, and the lamp I made a few years ago, VIOLA!

I present my new writing area!!!


Notice my coffee, bowl of freshly picked strawberries and pages ready to edit? I was ready to do work I tell ya! Now, I did this arrangement before actually sitting down and cracking open the laptop.  After about 15 mins of working, I made some subtle changes, so here’s the final, final product.


Very slight modification included moving coffee closer to my right hand (yes, this was an absolute essential move) And, though not pictured, I had to grab my thesaurus off the bookshelf.  It now resides (permanently) on the desk right between the accordion folder and the basket.


Verdict, I LOVE IT!!!  AND this is very much helping me with pursue my writing theme of “Pursuit” for 2012.