State of the Industry: African American Romance

LaTessa MontgomeryWith it being Black History Month, I wanted to spark a bit of conversation about a genre I’ve loved since the mid 1990’s:  African American romance.  I’ve seen its popularity grow over the years, but it’s still not at the level of its mainstream counterparts.

Today, I am over at Savvy Authors sharing my thoughts about African American romance, its place in today’s market, & its possible place in the future and what this means for writers and readers of this genre.

Head on over and join in on the discussion.  I’ll see you over there. 🙂

Interesting Sidebar

Earlier this week, while reading a reccommended article on POV, I got distracted (which is NOT hard to do, by the way) by another of the author’s posts.  This post, titled EVIL INSIDE, speaks briefly to the author’s personal views on reviewing books now that she’s a published author.   Now  being a reviewer, I was very interested in what she had to say.  In all, I agree with her.  It’s a delicate line to walk, as a published author (or striving to become published, as is my case), when it comes to giving your opinion on someone elses work.   

Anywho, the EVIL INSIDE  post has a link to a  review of an erotic romance story.  Now to each his own on whether or not you read this subgenre.  But this review is one of the most HILARIOUS things I have ever had the pleasure of reading.  Several things run through my head as I read it, but I think I will just keep them to myself.

What do you think?  And what do you say about how impacts your opinions on erotica.

Which side of your brain do you use?

I’m currently taking workshop in which I’m learning a process to apply to my writing that will help me analyze it.  Not only for strengths and weaknesses, but it will also help me understand my unique writing style and voice, to an extent.   The instructor had us take a quiz that denotes which side of our brain is dominate in our thinking.  Since her process is quite analytical, she knows some nonlinear thinkers may have a bit of trouble using it (because it goes against what’s comfortable for them, in terms of learning and processing new materials).  So she offers solutions and shortcuts along the way to help us all assimilate and process the info.

Anyway, I took the quiz, and to no one’s surprise, it showed that I am a strong left brain thinker.  But then, I did another test, which is simply looking at an image and seeing which way it turns, and the initial results were that I’m a right brain thinker.  Then, the image started going the opposite directions, which means that I’m a whole brainer thinker. 

So now confused and curious, and I came across this test.  It’s a quick test that gives you a nice, yet easy to read, detailed analysis of how you process information.  I really liked it because it shows your percentages for both left and right brain thinking, and it also gives you a breakdown of how you utlize the 6 main types of thinking for each hemisphere.

My numbers change slightly each time I take it (I’m weird that way-LOL) but I find it spot on.  I am a predominately left brain thinker, but I also utilize my right side quite a bit.  Currently, my split is 62% left, 38% right.  But what is more interesting to me is that my most dominant type of thinking is sequential (which is a left brain thing) and that my second most dominant is nonverbal (which is a right brain thing :-) )

If you’re up to the challenge, take the quiz and then come back & comment on what your percentages are and whether or not you feel the results were accurate.