Drum Roll Please…

Ok, I FINALLY got the green light to share my exciting news. So….. Here goes!

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I’ve been asked to contribute to an anthology!


Can you say WOOT!!!

I can hardly believe it right now myself. I am honored to have been asked, and super excited about the opportunity to join 6 other awesome writers in this venture.  My story will be included among contributions from Judy Gill, Jude Johnson, Dawn Kirby, Tina Carreiro, Michelle Horst, and last but not least, A.T. Russell.

I can’t go into any specifics right now  (I know, I’m such a tease…), but I can say this.  The anthology is a  7DS project which will be published by Ring of Fire Publishing  later this year.

The first 7DS project, Seven Deadly Sins: A Novel Collaboration, (released February 2012)  was recieved extremely well by the public. So much so, that a second project has been greenlit. If you’ve not checked this amazing anthology out yet, I highly recommend you do.  Each author takes a unique approach in exploring each of the deadly sins.

So here I am, excitedly strolling (really I’m running and pumping my fists in the air) down this new road in my journey.

Wish me well, lots of energy, and LOTS of coffee 🙂


  1. Teasing is always a good thing. 😉
    Love the post. I truly hope you enjoy the experience!

  2. Congratulations!!!!!!


  3. WOOT! Congratulations!!!

  4. Woot! Congrats to you. So very exciting.

  5. I’m with you, LaTessa. When HBIC selected me, my son got to see his old man do the Snoopy Groove. I think this is going to be a scorching 7DS project.

  6. A.T., does Shelly know you refer to her as HBIC?? LOL– you gonna get it when she finds out- hahahaha!

  7. Funny thing, HBIC started from my blog. I thought I was the only one that could see my “screen name- HBIC”- But no- and working with cool kats like Sir A.T. and Mr. Penner…Well, they don’t let things go. LOL. It is an honor to know people (besides myself- lol) don’t mind calling me HBIC. Let me get rolling. I will go to the court house and get my middle name changed to HBIC.

  8. Well, HBIC it is Shelly! 🙂

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