2013: The Plan

Sunrise CharlestonToday I am once again faced with the possibilities of a new year before me and the disappointments, lessons learned, and accomplishments of the year that just passed.

2012 was a bit of an unpredictable whirlwind for me.  A couple of major bumps cropped up in my personal life which took a lot of time, effort, and dedication to handle. That being said, I still pursued my writing and author goals… I just didn’t make the amount of progress I’d hoped for when the year started.  I did complete my tenure as President of my writing chapter, developed and conducted my first online workshop, and I did my first PR event as author.  I was also invited to contribute a short story to anthology which led to the successful completion of my first short story!

On the flip side, I did not make as much tangible process as I wanted on my UF series and didn’t get the chance to explore any other ideas.

In 2013, I will continue to pursue my writing goals.  My plans require focus & discipline and  include the completion of 3 full length manuscripts,  polishing at least one of these manuscripts, submitting my work to targeted publishers and agents, and the continual work on my building my author’s platform.

Here’s to a productive year and one certain thought:  2013 is the year for me to put in work and set myself up to be ready to take advantage of the opportunities heading my way.  This means I will have to learn to say “No”.  It’s nothing personal, but I can no longer afford to invest so much time and energy in others when I don’t get that same effort and support back.